Adam Fox- Official Facebook Page

Adam Fox is a British based actor.

He has seasoned experience in all aspects of theatre and performance, working on stage, screen, radio and in touring productions.

Adam has always been dedicated to the arts, working professionally and consistently from the age of sixteen.

Adam Fox – Spotlight CV

Most recently Adam appears as Vinny in Unshackled.com’s commercial campaign on television.


Playing Vinny in the televison commercial for Unshackled.com

    Adam Fox – Showreel




Adam Fox – Unshackled



Tell Them Of Us Trailer

On Your Hands Alone – Radio Play


Playing Rochford in ‘Robin Hood’ at Lincoln Castle.

6 thoughts on “Film and Stage Actor

  1. Casting Adam as William Crowder in Tell Them of Us turned out to have been an excellent decision. He brought a much-needed warmth and relatability to the role as well as professionalism and excellent company on set. I look forward to working with this talented actor again!

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  2. Having taught Adam whilst he studied at Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School, I saw in him a dedicated and passionate performer who left no stone unturned when developing performance work. Through a range of different styles from Artaud to Improvisation, Musical Theatre to Physical Theatre and studying playwrights including Dario Fo and Harold Pinter, Adam showed full commitment to all his roles and gave supportive and useful guidance and direction to others.

    It is a pleasure to see him continue into the industry with equally supportive comments and much deserved praise for the roles, contribution and experiences he has currently gained and no doubt this will continue throughout his career.

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  3. Adam helped us out a part of my group’s third year Multicamera project at the University of Lincoln. I worked with him closely in my role as the Director and he was a huge asset to the production. Due to limited time we were not able to overly prepare and rehearse the scene before it was filmed; however Adam threw himself into the role as if he had be practicing for months, not weeks. As far as I understand this was the first time that Adam had been part of a Multicamera production in a live television studio, the production being filmed in real time, rather than shot by shot, and he showed great intuition and skill. At no point did he complain and he was happy to ask questions if he wanted to talk over the characters’ profile or how to perform a certain line. His acting was fantastic and his dedication to the part was the best we had seen in any of the actors on our production. I am sure he would be a great addition to any cast that he joins in the future. I would certainly be happy to work with this hardworking actor again. Many thanks Adam.

    Miss Natalie Rule

    Media Production Graduate from the University of Lincoln

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